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Where do you deliver to?

Zone 1:

TN13 6BU, TN15 6AP, TN15 6AW, TN15 6AZ, TN15 6BA, TN15 6BB, TN15 6BD, TN15 6BE, TN15 6BG, TN15 6BH, TN15 6BJ, TN15 6BL, TN15 6BN, TN15 6BP, TN15 6BQ, TN15 6BS, TN15 6BT, TN15 6BU, TN15 6BW, TN15 6BX, TN15 6BY, TN15 6BZ, TN15 6DA, TN15 6DB, TN15 6DD, TN15 6DE, TN15 6DF, TN15 6DG, TN15 6DH, TN15 6DJ, TN15 6DL, TN15 6DN, TN15 6DP, TN15 6DQ, TN15 6DR, TN15 6DS, TN15 6DT, TN15 6DU, TN15 6DW, TN15 6DX, TN15 6DY, TN15 6EA, TN15 6EB, TN15 6ED, TN15 6EE, TN15 6EF, TN15 6EH, TN15 6EJ, TN15 6EL, TN15 6EN, TN15 6EP, TN15 6EQ, TN15 6ER, TN15 6ES, TN15 6ET, TN15 6EU, TN15 6EW, TN15 6EX, TN15 6EY, TN15 6EZ. TN15 6FJ, TN15 6FL, TN15 6HA, TN15 6HA, TN15 6HB, TN15 6HD, TN15 6HE, TN15 6HF, TN15 6HG, TN15 6HH, TN15 6HJ, TN15 6HL, TN15 6HN, TN15 6HP, TN15 6HQ, TN15 6HR, TN15 6HS, TN15 6HT, TN15 6HW, TN15 6HZ, TN15 6J, TN15 6JA, TN15 6JB, TN15 6JD, TN15 6JE, TN15 6JF, TN15 6JG, TN15 6JH, TN15 6JJ, TN15 6JL, TN15 6JN, TN15 6JP, TN15 6JR, TN15 6JS, TN15 6JT, TN15 6JU, TN15 6JW, TN15 6JX, TN15 6JY, TN15 6JZ, TN15 6LA, TN15 6LB, TN15 6LD, TN15 6LE, TN15 6LF, TN15 6LG, TN15 6LH, TN15 6LJ, TN15 6LL, TN15 6LN, TN15 6LP, TN15 6LQ, TN15 6LT, TN15 6LW, TN15 6QT, TN15 6SL, TN15 6SS, TN15 6SW, TN15 6TT, TN15 6UA, TN15 6UB, TN15 6UD, TN15 6UF, TN15 6UG, TN15 6WL, TN15 6WN, TN15 6WW, TN15 6XU, TN15 6ZG. TN15 6ZJ, TN15 6ZS, TN15 6ZU, TN15 6ZX.

Zone 2:

ME1, ME2, ME4, ME5, ME6, ME7, ME14, M15, ME16, ME18, ME19, ME20, DA1, DA2, DA3, DA4, DA5, DA6, DA7, DA8, DA9, DA10, 11, DA12, DA13, DA14, DA15, DA16, DA17, DA18, BR5, BR6, BR8, TN9, TN10, TN11, TN12, TN13, TN14, TN15, TN16

Zone 3:

ME99, BR1, BR2, R3, BR4, BR7, RH1, RH2, RH6, RH7, RH8, RH9, RH10, RH11, RH18, RH19, RH77, TN1, TN2, TN3, TN4, TN5, TN6, TN7, TN8, TN17, TN18, TN19, TN20, TN23, TN26, TN27, TN30, CR2, CR3, CR5, CR6, SE2, SE6, SE9, SE12, SE13, SE18, CR8, ME8, ME12, ME3, ME10, ME9, ME13, ME17, ME11

How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver the next day in zone 1. Zone two in three days and beyond in 5 days. This is subject to the items value, being in stock and in the interest of efficient scheduling.

Is there a delivery Charge?

Orders within zone 1 are free. For all other postcodes we will apply a delivery charge based upon your location. See above for details

Can I click and collect rather than have a delivery?

Yes. You can shop online and then collect at a time and date that suits you. Once you place your order, on the delivery page choose the Click & Collect option. This will allow you to select your preferred collection slot.

Delivery Scheduling

Preferred date and times can be selected during the purchase process.

Can I add to my order?

Yes. Additional orders can be added to a delivery up to 48 hrs before the original scheduled delivery date. Please contact us so we can the organise that for you.

Can I change the delivery date?

Yes. Please contact us with 48 hrs notice before the original delivery date.

Can I change the delivery address?

For security reasons we are unable to change a delivery address after an order has been placed. Please contact us so we can help you to cancel the original order and place a new order to the correct address.


Online orders can be delivered to an alternative address upon passing the relevant security checks. Can someone else pick up my click and collect order? Yes, if they bring the sales receipt with them.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled, though with less than 48 hrs notice a restocking charge may be applied.

Can I track my order?

Information regarding the delivery of an order can be obtain by contacting us directly.

Will the delivery driver unload the materials to where I want them?

Our deliveries are kerb-side only. However at the drivers discretion we will assist customers in unloading the goods to their desired location. Your selected drop location must be practical for the size and weight of the delivery vehicle, if the desired location cannot be reached and the goods cannot be unloaded then the refund of the goods may have a charge levied against it to cover the wasted journey. Drivers are not permitted to carry goods inside the property.

Can the delivery vehicle come on to my drive?

Should you require the delivery vehicle to access your driveway (to allow materials to be off-loaded at the desired location) this is at your risk. We will assume that the drive is deemed to be suitable for the size and weight of the delivery vehicle by virtue of the invitation.

Can the delivery vehicle leave the road and cross a garden or field to unload?

Drivers are not permitted to take vehicles off road.

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery?

No. If you have given prior instructions for the load to be left unsigned and there is sufficient space and the driver can safely unload without assistance. The delivery will be deemed to be complete and in good order. Any theft or weather damage will be the customers responsibility. If, however the load cannot be unloaded then the delivery will return to the branch. Redeliver may incur a new delivery charge.

Will the delivery be craned off?

Where possible large loads will be delivered upon a 16 tonne flatbed equipped with a lorry mounted crane. Customers can request delivery with crane-off and where appropriate we will endeavour to meet that request. The ability of the crane to unload goods where requested will be governed by factors such as there being sufficient space and hard standing suitable for the lorry’s weight and its outrigger legs, the absence of overhead cables and other obstacles. The driver will determine if it is safe and his word is final. Loads will not be craned on to scaffolding unless it is on to a properly constructed and certified loading bay.

Will my order come at a specified time?

We do not provide customers with a specific time for of delivery. Customers can request AM or PM and we will endeavour to meet that request. We strongly recommend that you do not book fitters or trades persons until your order has been delivered and checked by you. We cannot be held responsible for any third-party costs or charges which you incur due to non-delivery of an order, or orders that have not been checked on delivery.

What happens if my goods are damaged or missing from my order? Shortages or damaged goods will be replaced by us but only when the issue has been promptly raised. Customers should check the goods to ensure they are all present and correct before signing the paperwork and the driver leaves site. If however a problem arises after the driver has left then it should be reported as soon as possible preferable with pictures of the issue and we will review the case. Deliveries made where no one is present to take receipt are deemed to be complete and in good order.